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Braille alphabet in school libraries across Serbia

12 January 2011.

Eurobank EFG purchased 100 copies of “Zlatne tačke nikad naopačke“ book

Eurobank EFG has purchased 100 copies of the “Zlatne tačke nikad naopačke” book by Tihomir Nikolić, MA, to be distributed to school libraries across Serbia. In this manner, Eurobank EFG wishes to promote the alphabet which makes life and work of the blind and persons with impaired vision easier.

An English language professor, translator, associate of the “Svetlost zvuka” (Light of Sound) show at Radio Beograd 2, member of the Association of Blind Persons, Tihomir Nikolić, MA, has presented the Braille alphabet, the authentic alphabet of the blind and persons with impaired vision, in his book “Zlatne tačke nikad naopačke”.

“We wish to encourage sensibilisation of the general public in regard to the blind and facilitate affirmation and higher use of the Braille alphabet. By purchasing the book and its distribution to school libraries across Serbia, we will contribute to informing as many citizens as possible on the technique of this alphabet and its significance for citizens with impaired vision,” said Nataša Krstić, Head of Corporate Communications in Eurobank EFG.

The Braille alphabet was invented in 1825, first as an alphabet used by the army in communication during night. Louis Braille further advanced this technique and advocated its practical use. The core cell of the Braille alphabet consists of six dots, and a specific combination represents an individual letter.

Through the “Moving Inclusive Museum”, an exhibition of student design works including items for practical use by persons with disabilities, Eurobank EFG appeals to local companies to launch the production of the exhibited items and implement the “Design for All” principles in their production facilities. In cooperation with public company JP “Ada Ciganlija”, Eurobank EFG and the Inclusive Society Development Centre have recently presented a specially designed cup for the blind. Specially designed cups are marked with the Braille alphabet and help the blind recognise their contents (milk, coffee, tea).

So far more than EUR3.5 million has been invested in the Bank’s comprehensive CSR program “We invest in European values”, aimed at supporting healthcare, high education, environmental protection, inclusive society development, and affirmation of culture.

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