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For many, a car is not just a means of transport. We carefully choose it and invest in it and in return we expect it to be reliable, comfortable and enjoyable to drive. When you invest a lot of care and money in something, you should think of the best way to protect it.

The benefits of Wiener Städtische Casco insurance:

  • Choice – Chose the type of Casco insurance that best fits your car and your means: full, partial or supplemental. If you purchase Full Casco, you get to choose the sum insured.
  • Efficiency – If your car is partially damaged, Wiener Stӓdtische osiguranje pays for the repair directly to the authorised mechanic. This means that you do not have to pay for the repair and then claim reimbursement. The damages are paid out without delay.

Full Casco Insurance

Full Casco Insurance covers total loss and damage to your car and its parts as a result of one of the risks grouped in the following risk packages:

  • Risk package A – collision with one or more known vehicles. A “known vehicle” is a road vehicle with a vehicle registration certificate containing the following information: vehicle registration number, vehicle type, make and model, personal identification data of the owner of the vehicle based on the European Accident Statement and authenticated police report.
  • Risk package B – fire, lightning, hailstorm, avalanche, torrent and high water, collision with one or more known vehicles.
  • Risk package C – traffic accident, fire, lightning, stormy winds, hailstorm, avalanche, fall or impact of an object, sudden external thermal or chemical action, explosion, fall of an aircraft, manifestations or demonstrations, malicious acts of third parties, damage to the upholstery as a result of assisting people who have been injured in a traffic or another accident, deliberate damage to the insured object to prevent bigger damage on the insured object or on another object or people, flood, torrent and high water, landslide and rockfall, submersion, damage caused by animal bite on rubber hoses, cables, upholstery, lining and insulation material.
  • Risk package D – all risks in package C, plus: unauthorised use of vehicle, theft of vehicle, burglary and robbery.

Partial Casco Insurance

Partial Casco Insurance covers the damage to all the glass normally installed in the vehicle, except the glass on the lighting, mirrors and the roof of the vehicle.

Supplemental Casco Insurance

Supplemental Casco Insurance can be only purchased with Full Casco Insurance. It covers:

  • the cost of renting a replacement vehicle
  • roadside assistance
  • car accident
  • advertising and other vehicle branding
  • personal luggage and tools for professional use