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Home Comfort – homes and contents insurance

You have invested a lot of effort into creating a perfect home for yourself and your family. However, unforeseen circumstances may jeopardise your plans and property. To stop worrying about what will happen if you find yourself in a serious adverse circumstance, it is good to have a ready solution. Eurobank, in cooperation with Wiener Städtische osiguranjem, offers Home Comfort – an efficient cover for your home.

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What does Home Comfort cover?

Home Comfort covers damage on your house or flat caused by:
RisksInsured object
Escaping water
Burglary and robbery
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How long is the insurance period?

You can buy a Home Comfort insurance policy with your mortgage or on its own. If you are purchasing the insurance with the mortgage, the insurance period equals the mortgage period. Buildings insurance is mandatory with the mortgage, while contents insurance is a supplemental cover that additionally ensures your financial security. If you are purchasing the insurance independently of a mortgage, you decide how long the insurance period will be. It can be for a minimum one year, or for several years, or for an indefinite period. In the latter cases, the insurance period is renewed once a year.

How much should I pay for the insurance premium?

The Home Comfort insurance premium is based on the surface area of your home and its rebuild cost. The premium is paid annually. Get a quick quote in any of the branch offices of Eurobank.
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