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Personal Banking Officer

Personal Banking Officer is Your exclusive partner!

Your banking relationship becomes personal. The Personal banking Officer is the person who knows and understands your unique needs regarding your finance. Together you can find the most appropriate and privileged solutions, supporting your personal choices.

Every Personal Banking Officer has been trained suitably and chosen for his/her knowledge and experience:

  • Follows the evolutions in the market and informs you immediately for any opportunities that arise,
  • Plans and organizes meetings with you, so that you are always informed and your choices are updated,
  • Together with you, plans personal solutions, not only for the best management of your assets, but also for the achievement of your family goals, such as house purchase or pension and insurance investments.
All PB Officers are supported on a daily basis by specialized departments of our bank, so that you can always receive the knowledge and experience of a big organization as Eurobank Direktna.