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Eurobank Direktna has a widespread network of standard and multifunctional ATMs, located at numerous locations throughout Serbia.

You can deposit or withdraw cash quickly and easily by inserting your Eurobank Direktna card into the ATM. After selecting the desired language, enter your PIN code and follow the on-screen instructions. The requested transaction will be completed in a matter of seconds.


From now on, you can deposit cash in the domestic currency and deposit and withdraw cash in euros at the new EUR/RSD ATMs. After the cash is deposited, it becomes available to you in a matter of seconds! All you need is to have any type of Eurobank Direktna payment card. The following services are at your disposal:
  • RSD cash deposits into private and business RSD accounts
  • EUR cash withdrawals from (or deposits into) personal accounts
  • RSD credit card cash deposits

EUR deposits/withdrawals are available to Eurobank Direktna debit card users:

If you possess an FX card* - a contactless card connected to your RSD and foreign currency account, the service will be available immediately.

If you possess any other ex Eurobank debit card, in order to connect your personal EUR account to the existing debit card, you are required to visit the closest bank branch office.

*Due to the merging and improvement of Bank systems, cash deposit transactions in dinars, as well as deposits and withdrawals in euros at certain ATMs are temporarily disabled for ex Direktna Banka payment cards users. The Bank will timely inform the users about the re-establishment of the functionality of the aforementioned services. If you would like to find out how you can continue using the abovementioned services at over 60 locations, please call our Contact Center: 0112023353


Daily limits for natural persons for deposits are RSD 500,000 or EUR 5,000. Daily limits for natural persons for withdrawals are RSD 50,000 (Visa, Master Card), RSD 25,000 (Dina Card) and the EUR withdrawal limit is EUR 500 (EUR payments are possible only in 50-euro notes).

The current list of available ATMs and ATMs with new options can be found at the bank website, as well as the bank mobile app.

If you have any questions, dial our free Contact centre at 0800 1111 44 (option 4) or dial +381 11 2023 353 from your mobile phone (standard fees apply) or visit the nearest branch office.