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Frame Line

Always available funds and full control of costs! The Indicative line is just the right product for you!

Product description:

  • What is the Frame line and who is it intended for? Frame line is aimed for clients who have frequent needs for using loans for working capital and products of documentary business (Letters of guarantee, Letters of credit and Letters of intent). Frame line offers the possibility to withdraw the loan in instalments, revolving loan and to use the documentary products within the approved credit limit.
  • How to use the Frame line? Depending on the credit worthiness the limit is approved within which you have the possibility of a simple way using of various products subject to your requirements.For drawing the loan in instalments or revolving loan or a documentary product all it takes is submitting a corresponding application in the nearest branch, without any complicated procedures.
  • What are the benefits of the Indicative line?
    • Security: Funds are always available and accessible. The limit approved may be used at any time for payments and settling your liabilities.
    • Availability: In the event of an urgent tender, in just a few business days, you can obtain the required Letter of guarantee and Letters of intent within your available loan limit.

Characteristics of the Frame line:

  • Product users: Entrepreneurs and legal entities having annual income span ranging from EUR 200,000 to EUR 2,500,000.
  • Purpose: Working capital and/or Letters of guarantee, Letters of intent and Letters of credit
  • Amount: up to EUR400,000 for EUR-indexed loans, namely in RSD counter value according to the official exchange rate of the NBS for the loans in RSD currency
  • Period: up to 60 months
  • Currencies: Frame line is approved in RSD and is indexed in EUR currency.
Basic collaterals:
  • Company bills of exchange,
  • Personal bills of exchange of the owner.

Additional collaterals:
  • guarantee of other legal entity and/ or natural person,
  • deposit of legal entity or natural person
  • first rank mortgage against real estate,
  • pledge on equipment or vehicles

For all additional information please call as early as today our free of charge Contact center number 0800 1111 44 / option 5, through which you may schedule the meeting with one of our Business Advisers in Eurobank Direktna widespread business network throughout Serbia, apply online or send an e-mail to

Notice: In line with the recommendation of the National Bank of Serbia, we would like to warn you that taking the loan indexed in foreign currency is an exchange rate bearing risk – in the event of increase of the value (strengthening) of RSD the amount of the annuity in RSD counter value will be lower, whereas in the event of decrease of the value (weakening) of RSD the amount of loan annuity in RSD counter value will be greater. The interest rate for EUR-indexed loans is variable on quarterly basis, depending on the trend of the value of 3M EURIBOR. The interest rate for RSD currency loans is variable on quarterlybasis, in line with the trend of the value of 3M BELIBOR.