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Eurobank Direktna m-banking

Mobile banking
Bank in your hands

Eurobank Direktna has introduced m-banking application that allows users to easily perform transactions via mobile phone, without going to a branch. The application is available for IOS mobile phone users as well as Android phone users.

Activating and using the service is free (there are no costs for maintaining and activating the service).

Our application, designed for individuals and legal entities, makes your bank always open, in your hands. The improved solution enables complete comfort in work, full control of finances, and numerous other benefits such as:

  • 24/7 available Bank
  • Simple and secure login via activation codes or biometric data
  • Movement from individual profile to the account of legal entety in one click
  • Various payment transactions: dinar payments, currency exchange, internal transfers, instant payment, Prenesi service
  • Payment at points of sale by scanning or reading the IPS QR code
  • Insight into the balance and turnover of all accounts, loans and credit cards you have in the Bank
  • Management of payment cards, credit and savings accounts
  • Always available exchange office with favorable exchange rate for EUR currency
  • Simple transfer of funds from the credit card to your current account, as well as payment of the monthly obligation on the credit card
  • Creating templates and recipient lists
  • The possibility of changing the PIN for login and payment authorization
  • Checking the expiration date of the allowed overdraft on the current account, the number of available checks
  • Easily find the nearest branch or ATM of the Bank
  • Two-way communication with the Bank

And that's not all, Eurobank Direktna m-banking application is constantly being improved with innovative functionalities, in order to improve the overall user experience.

To be able to enjoy innovative banking in the right way, we invite you, if you are not our client, to submit Application form for Eurobank Direktna digital services at the nearest Bank branch or via the online registration link.


From now on, password is no longer needed for login into the app, it's enough to put your finger or set the device to scan your face and access to the application will be approved.

To use this functionality it is necessary to set your device to unlock by fingerprint or facial recognition, of course if the device supports it..

How to activate this functionality?

When logging in for the first time in the m-banking application, in the step right after defining the PIN, you have the option of activating biometrics. In the settings, enable login using biometric data.

Once you confirm the conditions, you will be able to login to the application by scanning your face or fingerprint, depending on the model used by your device.

The safety of our users comes first, therefore when using biometrics to access the application, no biometric data is exchanged with the Bank and the Bank does not have access to your biometric data. The data is exclusively stored on your device.

Please have in mind, that logging via biometric data uses the functionality of unlocking the device itself, so that all persons who have a scanned face or fingerprint will be able to access to your application, so for your safety we advise you to activate this option only if you have saved only your biometric data, scanned face or fingerprint to unlock the device.

Logging in is quick and easy!

How to activate application?

Activate mobile banking application

For more information and available benefite check our selection of Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions